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We practice and teach acroyoga and partner acrobatics. We organize regular classes, workshops and weekend retreats all around Czech republic. Sometimes we also perform.

We are a group of three acro fanatics. Acrobatics is not only our passion, it is our lifestyle. 

Marek Petráček has been studying and teaching AcroYoga since it came to the Czech Republic. He has completed two AcroYoga Teacher trainings in California and Montreal. He has travelled all around the world taking countless AcroYoga workshops from famous teachers. All of this effort has made him an amazing and powerful base. His priority while teaching is to focus on the proper technique and foundation and to create progressions which later on lead to more challenging skills. 

-written by Anežka

Anežka Rabas has managed to master difficult acrobatic skills in a very short time because she is very talented and determined. While teaching she is able to remain calm, offer coaching and support flyers especially during times when they are scared. She is always smiling and you’ll  for sure catch her enthusiasm. She has improved her technique, endurance and flexibility especially due to 9-weeks circus training in USA.

-written by Marek

Jan Lan began his AcroYoga and partner acrobatics practice with Anežka. He has leveled up so fast during the last year that there was simply no other choice than to include him in our team of Acromaniacs. He learns so fast that everybody envies him. :) It usually takes him less than three attempts to learn a new trick. Even though he has a full life as a hard working lawyer, he is still able to take several workshops abroad and has so much to offer.

“Not only he is a super talented base, he is also my best friend.  “

-written by Anežka and Marek



NEW from September 2018

Wednesday 18:00-19:30 Beginners course

Wednesday 20:00-21:30

Open level course

Thursday 17:30-19:00 Open level course

Thursday 19:30-21:30 Advanced

Weekends and Retreats

21.-23.9. 2018 Acro weekend open level, Slaný

30.11.-2.12. 2018 Acro weekend advanced, Slaný


There are some workshops coming in autumn 2018 soon!


What our teachers wrote about us...


"I’ve known Anežka for over a couple of years now and I can say that she is one of my favorite friends. This is an acrobatic testimonial but what would it be worth if I didn’t talk about the person themselves. Every time I give Anežka a hug, I think to myself, “Ah, sweet Anežka." She is one of the few people in this world who is not driven by her ego, her appearance or how good she looks. I am constantly surprised by her upbeat, fun and drama free personality and she brings all of this to her acrobatic practice. 

She is also very authentic in her communication: direct and honest without being rude. Acrobatically I have watched her go from a girl who had never done partner acrobatics before to someone who can fly high hand and handle countless other skills with ease. She’s a delight to work with, easy to talk to and offers coaching from a sincere place, while keeping the feedback short. And since she also happens to be HIGHLY intelligent, I am always impressed how she can distill all of the information in her brain down to bite size pieces that everyone can work on. I would work with Anežka any time!"

-written by Tari Mannello, Elegant acro

"I remember meeting Marek for the first time a few years back in Berlin when I was teaching a seven day advanced standing acrobatics workshop with Jason Nemer. There was something special about this guy. Every so often someone I will meet someone who really stands out to me and for some reason I’ll feel compelled to see them again. This was certainly the case with Marek. I just had the opportunity to spend the last 8 days in a row in Morocco training nonstop with him and the other Acro maniac, Anezka Rabas. 

Marek is such a delight! He’s humble, friendly, sweet, sincere, approachable, and a powerhouse of a base! We often use the term “beast” to describe an acrobat who is extremely strong and capable. Though you can’t tell from his friendly smile, Marek is definitely an acrobatic beast and has excess reserves of strength and great technique to match. 

At the time of this writing we have just worked on inlocate to high hand to hand only a few hours ago and we got it on the third try! But, he’s so much more than a strong porter. It’s also easy to work with him, easy to train with him, coach him and learn from him. I think these genuine traits make Marek an excellent teacher to learn from."

-written by Tari Mannello, Elegant acro

"I have known Anezka for about 3 years. In that time I have watched her develop into a skillful and mindful acrobat. Anezka has a passion for acrobatics and training that is highly contagious. With a big smile on her face she is always ready for another attempt. 

Anezka is great at motivating fellow students and helping them do things they might not think possible. Her playful energy and laugh is like a magnet and draws people toward her. Then she shares her love of acrobatics with them. The consistent positive attitude that Anezka has when working with people is wonderful. In group situations she is very careful to make people at all levels feel welcome too. 

I have enjoyed watching Anezka develop from a new AcroYoga student into one of the main organizers of the CZ Acro community."

- written by Jacob Handwerker 
Dec. 15, 2017 

"Marek is a hard worker with a fantastic mindset. He puts in the work needed to advance his skills. Marek has been a pleasure to work with and we see nothing but good things in his future!"

- written by Dane (Duo Die Acrobatics)

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Account: 1024925133/6100

Anežka Rabas

Tel: 607 947 200

Marek Petráček

Tel: 723 705 145

Jan Lan

Tel: 724 500 934

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